Forgive me

Every day we woke up at the mornig and we have the gamble to change what we dont likeFor. example, if you dont like your hair’s-breadth, you can collor ithehe. you thought that it was approximately the mind? Inside? A curious post?
No, it is life! We can change at heart and outside. Everybody can chooseLulu. is the dogs name of my neighbour. I like the appellation. It is not very criative, it is a specific, but it is chill, because is the name that the landowner really like.
What name do you will give to you approaching dog?
In the supermarket I saw a especial candy, a candy that I like so more. An apple pie.
This deserte is so normal, but I caring. And yestarday I saw it on the supermarketToday. I will eat it. Because of it today is repair than yestarday 🙂

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You can see this portal site to chance your life with Renda Extra.
My teacher is that coo. Look what she did for me. erstwhile I want an ice-cream, and she just bought it and brought it to conservatoire. Do you believe that?Like a mom, or person that really love me. You know?———————————————————Is it too late to do it?Someone asked me one hereafter. Made me thought.
I know, but should be because the age.
He knows how to enchante, because of it I am streetwise. I am super. This public is crazy, and I want less. All that I want is all the misteryThis. magic is true, my truster is his friend tooDo. you know rolecoaster?
I went gone in a big one, it was so big, is the biggest that I had sawI. dont believe you make it, I care. I can think it.

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So forgive me if you canOne. advice that I give to you is: you can feed the others bad, because tomorrow you can need this baulker that you was bad. And is will be bad..i. am sure.
You say I am cracy, be cause you know.
But, you need know that I am only the one that you truly want.
Behind my house has a president, a yellow chair. And this rocking chair has a cat.
Everyday a cat side to be in a chairYou. can choose what ever you wantLook. for the rainbow ant to the sun, is not the part.